Primary Care Medicine Essentials

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  • 50.5 CAT 1 CME: accepted by AAPA, ANCC, and AANP.

  • 6 months access: to the 2022/2023 edition of Primary Care Essentials

  • Residency styled curriculum: 107 hours of training covering the most common chief complaints, diseases, pharmacotherapy, procedures, labs, and EKGs in primary care.

  • Stay current with guidelines: preventive medicine, well-child exams, and vaccine schedules.

  • Schedule: week-by-week schedule to help you navigate the curriculum in order of importance.

  • Checklists: Easy to reference checklists and cheat sheets to help guide clinical decision making.

  • Learn on the go: Audio lectures available on our app allowing you to make commutes and errands more productive.

You'll get two free bonuses when you join

  1. Onboarding session: a live one on one walkthrough on how to get the most out of the program. This is absolutely crucial to getting started with your best foot forward! We cannot stress enough how important this first step is. That is why we will be personally onboarding you into the program.

  2. Time saving strategies for primary care: the tools and strategies that have helped over 200 of our primary care mentorship clients get up to 20 hours per week of their life back.


The truth is, you can't make an informed decision from the outside looking in. The only way to know if this will change your career, is from the inside.

This is why I'm not asking you to make a commitment right now. I'm just asking you to make an informed decision, which can only happen from using the material.

So, if after 30 days you don't think we fulfilled our promise and/or you don't think this will work for you, then let us know and I'll give you a full refund. Guaranteed.

- Chris
Co-founder of Medgeeks

Here's what people are saying about primary care essentials

“The access to resources has been helpful, whether they be recorded lectures where I can figure out if there’s something specifically I want to look at or the weekly sessions to ask generalized questions. It has been helpful to pick the mind of another person who has a lot of experience. I really like the community dashboard, that’s very helpful… My plans are coming together more fluidly and rapidly, more automatically, which is a nice improvement. Before I’d be a little more hesitant, checking my sources multiple times.”

Allie C

“I’ve gotten a lot better at working things up. I’ve had some good saves in the last year with patients… I definitely feel like I’ve improved even in the last 6 months since we have started working together. I’ve had two things that I've enjoyed. One, obviously the content. And two, I have enjoyed our check-ins… it’s one of those things where I was afraid it was going to turn into pressure, but having that once a month accountability call has helped keep me focused, but I didn’t feel like it was so much that I was overwhelmed with trying to maintain the goals…”

Maria P

“I think having the resources right there, being able to go on the app and do a search is the most helpful. There are a lot of things available but this is focused on primary care and I know I can go there and get the answers I need, so it is a big benefit.

I feel that I have improved a lot. I am more confident in my judgments and I know when to ask questions when I’m not comfortable. I’ve improved a lot from when I started.”

Alexandra D

“Even my boss gave me credit. I had my evaluation, I think it was my 45 day, and they’re very happy, they haven’t had any complaints. I’ve seen 220 patients. They’ve been very happy with my productivity and my confidence level is so much better. They mentioned Medgeeks in my evaluation, that they were supportive and happy to see my improvement. They gave me credit and I see this as being a real positive for me. “

John C

“They (the lectures) have been very helpful. The first two weeks changing the mindset was really helpful. It’s really nice to hear from somebody that has experience in primary care, to listen to their thought processes, it’s very helpful. I’m very happy.”

Alexander Y

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