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  • As soon as we are ready to accept new members, we'll send over an email outlining the next steps.

Step 3: Pay the enrollment fee

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  • There is a one-time enrollment fee of $997 (this includes your first month's payment). Afterwards, membership is only $49/month or $470/year (save 20% with our yearly option).

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Step 5: Orientation

  • We know everyone has different preferences and needs. This is why we offer three ways to get you up to speed with your all access pass: self paced orientation, group orientation, or private orientation.

  • We've helped thousands of clinicians over the years and have developed multiple tracks based on what you're trying to accomplish.

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  • All programs, trainings, and courses (past, current, and future).

  • All live events, workshops, and conferences (past, current, and future).

  • Private community of fellow clinicians.

  • Support from our instructors, clinical staff, and guest lecturers seven days a week. Discuss cases, course material, guidelines, etc.

  • Personalized recommendations based on what you're trying to learn/accomplish.

  • 50 CAT 1 CME every calendar year for as long as you're a member (accepted by AAPA, ANCC, and AANP).

Step 7: Dedicated support

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Clinician's Corner

Everything in Clinician’s Corner is designed specifically with the medical provider in mind. We'll show you how to make long-term, meaningful life changes that will directly affect you and those around you. We'll help clarify your personal and professional goals and provide practical strategies on how to achieve them.Our goal is to teach the skills that are essential to living a life with purpose. 

The outcome? Living a happy and fulfilled life.

Once a month you'll get our publication (digital & audio formats) that addresses a new series (topic) that pertains to personal development, career development, and finances.

Within each series, we’ll cover the principles and evidence to back up our methods and give you a strategic step-by-step blueprint to help you connect the dots. As an added bonus and to ensure you can read each publication wherever you may be, we’ll also make digital copies available to you in your dashboard. 

Then, after we publish each series (see the list of series below), we’ll have a Q&A session in order to have a more detailed conversation about the topic you just finished reading about.

There is nothing like this designed specifically for people practicing medicine. I’m so excited to have you as a part of this journey! Take a look at our program roadmap below that outlines each of our series:

Series #1: Design a life with purpose


Laying the foundation

Work-life balance fallacy

The first steps to addressing burnout

5 core pillars to complete your life puzzle

Achieving your goals

Don’t be so hard on yourself

Series #2: Burnout

Why working more isn’t the answer

How small changes make big impacts

Defining burnout

Why managing burnout as defined by the World Health Organization and ICD-11will never work

The real cause of burnout 

How to recognize the patterns of burnout before it’s too late

Stressors in medicine that aren’t seen in other professions

Our 10-step plan for treating burnout and designing a life with purpose (two sides of the same coin)

How to prevent burnout

Series #3: Finances:

How the history of money impacts your finances today

The framework behind US debt  

The mindset required to succeed regardless of the economic climate

My history with money

Financial statistics in America

Our ten-step financial roadmap to designing a life you love 

How money gives freedom and options

Series #4: Find your dream job (coming soon) 
The big picture

Understanding your “why” (purpose)

Arrival fallacy 

Six core human needs

Identifying the current season (priority) of life you're in 


Work schedule


Work environment 

Growth opportunities

Series #5: Goal setting (coming soon) 

The art of asking questions

Prioritizing time to think/reflect

Why not knowing will cost you

Clarity is power




Series #6: Productivity, time management, and performance (coming soon)

Differentiating between productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness

Understanding leverage 

Using your time to focus on the right things (tying in the above concepts)





Series #7: Measuring progress (coming soon)

How to measure progress

How to course correct if milestones aren’t met

Why you need to zoom out and remember the big picture

The danger of comparing your life with that of someone else

Why you shouldn’t dwell on how far you have to go

The importance of appreciating how far you’ve come

Series #8: Relationships (coming soon)

Having the right partner matters

What is a successful relationship and why does it matter?

Connecting your ideal life and your family's ideal life to work together

How to communicate so that you're understood

Where most people go wrong within the communication process

Where high achievers go wrong

Setting boundaries

Community and belonging

Series #9: Mindset (coming soon) 

Gratitude and perspective

Self-awareness and emotional intelligence

Confidence/imposter syndrome

Staying motivated

Regrets: end of life

Getting outside help: could therapy/coaching help?

The Foundation

Clinical anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, & pharmacology made simple. The entire foundation behind medicine is grounded in anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology. Diagnosis and treatment stems from this knowledge base. Normally, these topics are taught separately, which greatly decreases efficiency and retention.

But, the Foundation is the only program that teaches anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, and pharmacology in tandem. What makes our program different is that we are teaching with the clinician in mind and so we'll also be tying in the relevant pharmacology that goes along with each disease process.

We are looking to create the most comprehensive video library on the market. This will be your go to resource from the start of your medical career and beyond:

- 500+ hours of anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology & pharmacology training across all organ systems.

- Two brand new lectures uploaded every month.

- Direct access to the authors where you can ask questions about anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, and/or pharmacology questions.

High-Yield Medicine

How to Study: we'll show you how to shave off hours of studying per week. This way you can learn more in less time. Don't study another disease before going through these trainings. We'll also discuss test anxiety and board prep planning.

High Yield Medicine & Board Review Course: 30+ hours of high yield review covering diseases (diagnosis, workup, management) in every organ system.

Pharmacology Mastery: 10 hours of high yield pharmacology review (190 classes of medications). Although we review first line, second line, and third line therapies in the medicine and board review course, this additional training is meant to build upon that for additional clarity.

Question Bank: 1,000+ vignette styled questions. Our question bank is unique in that we'll share why answers are correct and why the rest are incorrect. Mix and match how you want to test yourself. Quiz mode and study mode are available.

Backlog of all case studies: we have 200+ hours of high yield case studies readily available. When you join, you'll get immediate access to all previous sessions.

Emergency medicine and hospital medicine rotation prep: 200+ hours of high yield review to help you navigate the intricacies of these two specialty rotations.

Outpatient Primary Care Curriculum

Residency styled curriculum: 107 hours of training covering the most common chief complaints, diseases, pharmacotherapy, procedures, labs, and EKGs in primary care.

Stay current with guidelines: Preventive medicine, well-child exams, and vaccine schedules.

Schedule: week-by-week schedule to help you navigate the curriculum in order of importance.

Checklists: Easy to reference checklists and cheat sheets to help guide clinical decision making.

Backlog of all trainings: we have 150+ hours of additional primary care lectures readily available. When you join, you'll get immediate access to all sessions.

Live workshops

Below you'll see a list of workshops we host every week and month. Aside from the scheduled workshops below, you'll also get complementary digital access to any additional workshops, conferences, and/or seminars we host while you're a member.

Live case studies: every week we'll go live to showcase a brand new interactive high yield case study. This vignette styled approach will ensure you're prepped for rotations!

Live high yield review: join Dr. Sonpal every week as he reviews a new high yield topic in medicine.

Live primary care Q&A sessions: every week we go live inside our primary care medicine group on zoom to answer all your primary care medicine questions. This is also a great way to learn from your colleagues and any questions they might have.

Live primary care medicine lectures: once a month we go live for a few hours to discuss updates in the guidelines, deep dives into medicine, and break down more complex case studies to keep your medical knowledge sharp.

Direct access to the authors of the material: ask any questions about anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, high yield medicine, pharmacotherapy, primary care medicine, and/or any of the material seven days a week. You'll also get priority administrative support should you have any other non-clinical questions.

Can't make it live? We make all the recordings readily available inside your dashboard.

Medgeeks Suture Kit

Medgeeks suture practice kit (we'll even cover shipping):

- Hegar needle driver/needle holder, Adson tissue forceps, Curved mosquito forceps, Iris scissors, Scalpel with 3 blades, 4-0 nylon suture thread (10-pack), Storage case with zipper.

- Instruments made of rust free stainless steel.

- Suture pad measures 7 in x 4.75 in (17.8 cm x 12.0 cm) and is made of high quality silicon material with 3 layers (epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous layer). A tear resistant mesh is also placed between the “epidermis layer” and “dermis layer” for increased durability.

- The suture pad has a total of 3 skin layers (epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous tissue) with 14 customized “wounds” for enhanced training.

- Our pad comes standard with a plastic stand, allowing for increased stability while practicing, and ensures you won't damage your table surface.

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